Why Am I Doing This?

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“One must imagine Sisyphus happy” – Albert Camus

I think you would be entitled, dear reader, to want an answer to this question.

It is 2018. The human race is hardly crying out for another blog. I get it.

So despite this being my blog, 3 lines in, already I feel I am on the back foot, trying to justify its pointless existence to a chillingly indifferent world.

Absurd, right?

Which is what Camus suggested lay at the heart of the human condition – our desperate desire to find purpose in life, where there is none. Trying┬áto find hope and meaning in a hopeless and meaningless life was, in his mind, absurd.

In the face of this apparently crushing realisation, Camus proposed 3 solutions:

  • Suicide – which neatly solves the problem of existence
  • Philosophical suicide – which finds meaning through religion but is fraudulent
  • Embrace the absurd – which accepts this but strives to live life to the full anyway

Obviously, Camus recommends the 3rd option – which is so ridiculously positive and optimistic, that he even imagines the repetitive existence of Sisyphus to be joyful.

Which is why, just like Sisyphus, I have chosen to write a blog. Despite my complete lack of readership, inability to write good and lack of original ideas, I will continue to forge ahead. Rising, each day, fighting a battle I know I can never win, with humour, grace and empathy.

Because I’m a fucking hero.



  1. It is not up to me to draw parallels between Camus and I – this shall be up to the reader.
  2. This is an opening salvo – future posts will explore a wide range of things that I find interesting.
  3. I cannot guarantee tonal consistency. I find lots of things funny and sad, often in the wrong order.
  4. I will attempt to keep most of my posts short – but I may also write some long ones to show that I can be “serious”.
  5. If you have taken the time to read this – thank you. I genuinely appreciate it.