HEROES Act and States Reopening

Hello Readers, In this article, I present current information about the HEROES Act and its progress moving through the House and Senate. I also present information on the states reopening and what it entails for our progress towards COVID-19 containment. Additionally, I provide a snapshot of my May portfolio and picks for the month. KeyContinue reading “HEROES Act and States Reopening”

Review: The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham

Hello Readers, In this review, I highlight the main points that I learned from Graham’s book The Intelligent Investor. Key Points Defining the two types of investors, enterprising and passive. Highlight the main things I learned after completing the book. Next book to be read. Who Is Benjamin Graham? Benjamin Graham is renowned as theContinue reading “Review: The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham”

Beginner’s Guide: When To Start Investing

Hello Readers, In this article, I answer some questions that have been sent in by fellow readers. Focusing in on the idea of when to invest, offering insight on what to invest in, and what resources are available. Key Points Comparison of passive and aggressive investing. A thorough checklist before investing. When Should You StartContinue reading “Beginner’s Guide: When To Start Investing”

Individual Retirement Accounts

Hello Readers, In this article, I discuss the financial future for many Americans. Additionally, explaining the differences between Traditional/Roth IRAs and 401(k)s. Key Points Information on American retirement accounts by age group. Looking at two main types of retirement accounts, Roth IRAs and 401(k)s. Briefly cover rollover IRAs, explaining the difference between direct and indirectContinue reading “Individual Retirement Accounts”

April: Investment Analyses Edition

Hello Readers, In this article, I evaluate the stock market for the month of April, offering insight on my portfolio and this month’s picks. Additionally, analyzing oil futures pricing, and stock buybacks. Key Points Snapshot of my portfolio for April. Evaluating the stock market and my picks for the month. Oil futures, how they work,Continue reading “April: Investment Analyses Edition”

Things I Do During Quarantine

Hello Readers, In this article, I discuss my experience with quarantine and what I have been doing in this time. Key Points Education during quarantine, learning VBA and SQL. Developing an investment tracker as my second Java project. Stocks and business resources. Workout routine changes, specifically leg and cardio. Computers and games related. Education DuringContinue reading “Things I Do During Quarantine”

How I Choose Investments

Hello readers, In this article, I expand on last week’s article on how I choose stocks. I additionally offer insight on the importance of dividends and my thoughts on day trading. Key Points Invest in what you know. What index funds are and how efficient they are. My method for choosing stocks and explaining howContinue reading “How I Choose Investments”