Is This The Second Wave of Covid-19?

Hello Readers, Believe it or not we are still in the first wave of Covid-19! Many states have reopened in June and are now experiencing a resurgence of number of cases. I will be covering why this is occurring and what to expect in the future. Key Points Comparing restriction levels to number of cases.Continue reading “Is This The Second Wave of Covid-19?”

June: Investment Portfolio

Hello Readers, To close out June I am keeping you up to date with my investment journey. I briefly address the flawed statements of why dividend investing might be bad. Furthermore, I offer my analysis for my top three picks this month. Key Points Portfolio update and highlighting negative outlook on dividend investing. Stock analysesContinue reading “June: Investment Portfolio”

HEROES Act and States Reopening

Hello Readers, In this article, I present current information about the HEROES Act and its progress moving through the House and Senate. I also present information on the states reopening and what it entails for our progress towards COVID-19 containment. Additionally, I provide a snapshot of my May portfolio and picks for the month. KeyContinue reading “HEROES Act and States Reopening”

April: Investment Analyses Edition

Hello Readers, In this article, I evaluate the stock market for the month of April, offering insight on my portfolio and this month’s picks. Additionally, analyzing oil futures pricing, and stock buybacks. Key Points Snapshot of my portfolio for April. Evaluating the stock market and my picks for the month. Oil futures, how they work,Continue reading “April: Investment Analyses Edition”

Things I Do During Quarantine

Hello Readers, In this article, I discuss my experience with quarantine and what I have been doing in this time. Key Points Education during quarantine, learning VBA and SQL. Developing an investment tracker as my second Java project. Stocks and business resources. Workout routine changes, specifically leg and cardio. Computers and games related. Education DuringContinue reading “Things I Do During Quarantine”

Unemployment and Stock Market Rising

Hello Readers, In this article, I discuss the correlation between unemployment and the stock market. I additionally offer resources that may help alleviate your financial situation. Key Points Reviewing current unemployment levels in the US. Resources for unemployment benefits in Washington. Explaining why the stock market is rising. Advising against speculating. Suggestions on what toContinue reading “Unemployment and Stock Market Rising”

Maintaining Muscle Mass

Hello Readers, In this article, I will be discussing the time frame of muscle degradation, how to combat it, my guide, coronavirus stimulus plan and then briefly overview the market. Key points Muscle decay starts to occur after 3 weeks, a significant increase is observed after 6 weeks. Incorporating a high protein diet will reduceContinue reading “Maintaining Muscle Mass”

Coronavirus Vaccine Development and Stimulus Checks

Hello readers, In this article, I have written about key events that occurred on March 19th 2020. The topics revolving around the development of vaccines for SARS-CoV-2, emergency plan from Congress, and stock market performance. Vaccine Development According to STAT, there is currently a large scale attempt in creating a vaccine for SARS-CoV-2. There areContinue reading “Coronavirus Vaccine Development and Stimulus Checks”