Things I Do During Quarantine

Hello Readers,

In this article, I discuss my experience with quarantine and what I have been doing in this time.

Key Points

  • Education during quarantine, learning VBA and SQL.
  • Developing an investment tracker as my second Java project.
  • Stocks and business resources.
  • Workout routine changes, specifically leg and cardio.
  • Computers and games related.

Education During Quarantine

I have found that learning online has been an amazing experience, since I enjoy learning on my own naturally. My ability to wake up later than usual, knowing that I am going to be in class on time makes learning easier.

Saving gas is a major bonus to me as well, as the commute to Bothell is generally 45 minutes during traffic. It also helps that gas prices are significantly lower now due to supply and demand.

To ensure that productivity is maintained during this time, I have been using Google calendar to remind myself what needs to be done on a given day. Granted, my school schedule helps with that as well.

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Recently, I have been reaching out to tech companies to get a feel of what they are expecting their candidates to have mastered by the time they are at the interview phase. M1 Finance was able to give me insight on what their business team handles and it is primarily SQL and VBA.

I am awaiting responses from Intel, AMD, Microsoft and codecademy to further understand what is required in my future career.

I have been learning SQL on Codecademy and VBA from YouTube tutorials. I am hoping to incorporate both of these into my investment tracker that I have been developing as my second project.

I have been developing my investment tracker for the past month. It will track your stocks and provide a snapshot of how much you received in dividends/gains for the month.

If you are unsure on what your dream companies are expecting their candidates to know. I encourage you to email their support team directly, they will provide you with a thorough explanation on the ideal candidate.

Stocks and Business

Keeping up with business related news is difficult since there is so much of it. However, it does not have to be that way, simply finding what interests you will make learning about current events easier.

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These are the resources I frequently go to for information regarding stocks and business insight.

I believe that learning about investments and money is fairly intuitive. It just requires you to be smart about your financial decisions to get you where you want to be. Which is why I believe reading books that have been renowned for teaching these topics is important to pick up on.

I would like to reiterate that some of the information in these books are common sense, simply written in a formal manner.

Therefore, with this in mind, it is important to read them with an open mind, rather than ridiculing them for stating the obvious.

My list of books for personal finance and money,

Books I will read in the future:

Workout Routine Changes

Albeit, maintaining muscle mass has been difficult with transitioning all of my workouts to body weight. In light of this, I have increased the intensity on my leg/cardio workouts to continue staying in shape.

If you are curious as to what regime I am following, refer to my previous article. I have made some modifications revolving around cardio and leg workouts.

Legs (4 Sets)

  • Squats 15x.
  • Jumping squats 15x.
  • Long/Short lunges 15x.
  • 1.5 squats 15x
  • Jumping squats 5x.
  • Sprint 20m 2x.
  • Rest for 3 minutes.

Inclined hills after cardio (Tuesday & Saturday)

  • 15m sprint 5x.
  • 30m sprint 5x.
  • 50m sprint 5x.

I recommend finding objects to pinpoint your distance of sprinting uphill. It does not have to be precise but make sure you are increasing the distance each new set.

Computers and Games

I think it would be hypocritical of myself to state that I am always productive, I need some time to enjoy myself as well. Since quarantine is expected to be extended and I have been spending a lot of time at my computer.

My hobby of playing games and interest in keeping up with the latest hardware has increased. Whenever I see companies pushing out the latest generation for their hardware I am enticed to learn about it.

In an age of rapid advancing technology, it certainly makes your older tech seem outdated. Which is why I chose to future proof my computer for the coming years.

VALORANT is Riots latest game to take storm of the gaming industry. This is where most of my free time goes towards. It has a nostalgic yet new feeling when it comes to style and gameplay.

If you have experienced counter strike 1.6 in the past this will be memory lane for you.

Source: Valorant riot games

Upgraded computer specs

Recently, I decided to upgrade some hardware in my pc’s build.

I plan on changing the case soon as the current one is intended for temporary use. Although I am not one for reckless spending I believe that in the long run this computer will be relevant for the coming years.

Note: This was a personalized approach to blogging compared to my other reads. I hope that some of the information was perhaps entertaining or insightful to everyone reading. If you are experienced with SQL or VBA please feel free to reach out to inform me on other sources of information as I am trying to learn more about this as well. As always, thank you for your time and stay healthy!

Published by Steven Mai

Hello! My name is Steven Mai and I am currently enrolled at University of Washington. My interests are business, investments, financing, and personal development. I hope through this journey I will be able to enhance my skills as a writer and share my ideas on a public platform and gain the necessary skills in life through interactions with the community.

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